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About electric garage doors

Electric garage doors

Are you tired of having to get out of your automobile just to open or close the garage door? Are you fed up with having to open or close the garage door for someone else?
Electric garage doors are created to make every family’s life safer and more convenient. There are lots of reasons why you should consider installing garage doors, specifically an electric garage door, on your porch. You may think that the initial upfront price is quite expensive but considering all the benefits it will give you, it is something that is worth your penny. Here are the great benefits of installing an electric garage door in your home.

Roller Garage Doors Installation - Jk Doors

Benefits of electric garage doors

1. Save time and effort
The first and most obvious advantage of owning an electric garage door is the amount of time and effort it can save. Do you remember those times when heavy rain is falling, and you are in your driveway wishing that someone in your house would open the door for you? But nobody is home, you had no umbrella, and you were forced to get out of your car and let yourself in. With an installation of electric garage door, you won’t have to go through this dramatic experience. Electric garage doors have supplied controls that you can remotely press to open and close automatically. This allows you to operate your door before you even reach your driveway or before you leave your house. As you then approach your garage, your garage door will already be open ready for you to drive in or drive out.
2. Safety Reasons
Did you know that doors for garages are often the most common targets for burglars? Equipping your home with an automatic entrance lessens the chance of a burglar easily accessing the inside of your house. Many models are also equipped with an automatic closing function in case you forget to close your door for garage. Also, when the electricity goes out, these electronic garage doors are programmed to lock themselves securely when the power goes out so no one can force their way in. This feature will help give you peace of mind when you and your family go out for a long vacation because you would have less worry about the security of your home.
3. Provide security for your car
For most people, their most prized possession is their car. If that includes you, consider installing automatic entrance on your home so you can soundly sleep at night. Any burglar attempts to open the electric door will trigger an alarm that will surely wake you and your neighbors up.
4. Makes your house more stylish and up-to-date
Many doors for garage nowadays are tailor-made to suit your taste. You can always find something that will surely match your house design. Not to mention that when you have decided to sell your home, having an electric garage door can add up to its value.

Electric garage door price

Electric garage door price of many manufacturers are enough to put off many homeowners from giving their garage the much-needed renovation. However, there are now more affordable than ever. The electric garage door is a good investment in the long run even if such renovation will cost you a few thousand dollars. Just imagine the convenience and security that you can have.
Electric door prices are largely dependent on the materials used, so if you are on a budget, there are cheaper alternatives for you. Steel doors are probably the most affordable. An 8×7 foot door will only cost you around 600 – 650 dollars. Larger doors with an area of 18×8 foot will cost you around 1,200 dollars. But if you are more of quality, then insulated garage doors are the way to go. They prevent the inside of your door from accumulating too much heat. An insulated door with an area of 8×7 foot will cost you around 1,200 dollars to 1,400 dollars. Although it is almost double the price of the conventional steel door, its features more than makeup for it.