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JK Doors – keeping you safe and secure

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High security garage doors

JK Doors – keeping you safe and secure

If you’re tired of looking at the same old weary front door and plan to upgrade it? Well, then it’s worth remembering that a new door can provide more than just an enhanced appearance to your home…

Doors offer safety and security. Domestic security doors are sufficient to stop a burglar from breaking in. When burglars realise that your house is installed with a security door, you’ll become a lower priority target – why attempt to go through a security door when the next house down the street has a standard door?

High security garage doors

Are domestic security doors worth the investment?

  • Before breaking in, burglars search for vulnerabilities in your home security. Keeping doors open to let in the fresh air is an example of something that thieves are looking out for. Installing domestic security doors will give you an added level of protection, as well as keep your house fresh and airy. Domestic security doors offer a higher level of strength, protecting you against intruders.
  • Energy-efficient domestic security doors offer good insulation and prevent unwanted heat or cold exchange. They can reduce energy consumption, by maintaining a secure seal between your house and the outside environment.
  • When buying insurance for your home, the installation of quality domestic security doors will reduce your insurance premium. Insurance companies consider your home to be less vulnerable, and so there is a lesser potential of you making a claim, thereby passing on the reduced risk via a lower insurance cost to you.
  • Domestic security doors can significantly increase the value of your home. Even a solitary security door in your home is considered to be a very worthwhile home investment. By adding value to your house you are rewarded with both financial and quality of life benefits.

All JK Security doors are well made with locking hardware of the highest standards. Our doors are water and weatherproof, sound insulated and fire-resistant.

We specialise in garage doors that come in a range of sizes, styles and brands, all catering to different customer needs and tastes. Garage doors not only help in securing what is inside your home but also enhance its curb appeal. Garage doors can vary in styles, colours, materials, models, and operate in very different ways. So before you purchase one, you should consider which features that you desire, to get an idea of cost along with its installation. Seeking the opinion of an experienced garage door supplier and installer such as JK Security Doors will ensure that you get the right door for your house. The cost of your new garage door will vary depending on the materials chosen, but at JK Security Doors we use materials that are chosen by our reliable suppliers, with whom we have a long-standing relationship – so you can be sure that our products are all of high quality, and are at affordable prices.

While buying garage doors it is good to keep these factors in mind;

  • Security is the most important feature when buying garage doors
  • How safe is the garage door when is use
  • Is the construction durable and low maintenance
  • The style should complement your home and neighbourhood
  • The cost should be reasonable and affordable
  • It should be simple to use

In addition to different types and styles of garage doors we also offer a high-quality installation service. Feel free to contact our suppliers in London to discuss your home security options.