Installation Services: Garage Doors and Doors installation services High-Security Doors and Garage Doors
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Having a reliable and secure door is crucial to keep your precious belongings and especially your family and yourself safe. An improperly installed or low-quality front door carries a high risk of various unpleasant situations, beginning from undesired sounds from the street or neighbours and ending with burglary and even more severe criminal acts. Therefore, it is vital to install a genuinely secure front door for your house and a safe garage door from reliable garage door suppliers.


At JK Doors we strongly believe that your home is your castle. Thus, we strive to deliver you the best security doors and garage doors installation services in London & Nationwide. Our specialists will work with you individually to understand which high-security front door you need and what kind of garage door from renowned garage door suppliers would fit you the best. We will hold tight for your requirements concerning the security and reliability of your future home security door so that you always feel safe at your place.


Whether you bought high-security front doors on your own or selected one from JK Doors, we are glad to offer you our security doors and garage doors installation services in London. Our experts, having more than 8 years of experience in garage doors and security doors installation, will not only help you to pick a high-security door perfectly fitting your design and safety concerns, but also install your secure front or garage door that will stand for dozens of years protecting your house or garage from burglary, sounds and unexpected weather conditions.


Many customers think that high-security doors installation is a handyman job that everybody who is handy enough can easily do. However, in reality, professional Door Fitters London must have extensive experience in secure front and garage doors installation and special carpenter skills. Moreover, do not forget that front or garage door fitting is a highly complicated process involving, as a rule, more than one installer. It is crucial that all aspects of your high-security doors are taken into consideration and are revised by several engineers from JK Doors: two heads are always better than one!


Our Door Fitters London are ready to work on any project, be it a basic secure front door installation or a complicated door fitting requiring an individual solution. For this very reason, you will never have to worry about the quality of our work when you choose us as your door installation company. We never disappear as soon as we finish a project: our team is fully committed to providing you with the highest level of home security, and we would be glad to assist you with the further maintenance of your garage doors and strong steel doors in London.


Finding a perfectly suitable high-security front door is only one step on your way to making your home safe and well-protected. JK Doors, reliable Door Fitters London, are here for you to find a customized door installation solution for you so that every little detail is taken into consideration while installing your secure front door or garage door.

  • Single door installation
  • From £550
  • Double door installation
  • From £700
  • Garage door installation
  • From £500
  • Call out / Maintenance
  • £90
  • Hourly rate / After first hour of callout
  • £60